Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Due to upgraded equipment all of these packages and prices are applicable beginning January 1, 2010. Each package comes with a disc and the rights to develop the pictures for personal use.

Lil' Bit Of Life

This is the package for any event! (Ex. Birthdays, Class Reunions, Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, etc.) The disc will include all of my favorites from the event and many more!!

Wonderfuly Made

This package includes 4 photosessions over the course of the babies first year. (Ex. newborn, four months, eight months and 1st Birthday) Each photosession will have 45 minutes of shooting. With up to 50 pictures on a disc each shoot.

Happy Together

This package is for families, friend groups, or engaged couples. The package consists of one hour of shooting at one or two locations with unlimited wardrobe changes. I will then pick my favorite photos and put them on a disk for you. With the disk you have my permission to develop them for personal use.

------If there is more than 1 family together at one shoot, the price applies to each family------
------Friend Groups: Each individuals will receive a disc for $20 per person.